About Roberta

Roberta Combs uses vibrant color, extreme lighting, and dramatic composition to portray her realistic subject matter. Her still life paintings create an intimate view of her subject matter. Her portraits evoke personal emotion from their viewers. “I love the rich, buttery texture and the clean velvet color of pastels. They allow simple scenes and common items to be transformed with beautiful light and delicious drama."

Southwest Art Magazine

Still Life & Floral - Pastel: 12 x 24 has been awarded First Place, Still Life & Floral and has been featured in the Southwest Art Magazine.

First Place, Still Life & Floral

Inspiration: “PASSIONATE was inspired by two colors of passion fruit I purchased. I wanted the painting to convey the sunny warmth of the yellow and not diminish the cool presence of the purple tones. The addition of the golden-orange Chinese lanterns added a texture that collected the light, pulling it across the length of the painting. Reflective surfaces of glass and silver added structural levels while the velvety jewel tones of the fabric contributed to the richness and drama I wanted to convey. The exotic fruit, the rich tones, and the sensuous mood inspired the painting.”


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